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The difference between orbital and palm sanders .. go to know when refinishing furniture

The Difference Between Orbital and Palm Sanders

15 Tools Every DIY Girl Should Own - How to Nest for Less™

15 Tools Every DIY Girl Should Own

Jig saw blade types

Jig Saw Blade For Bosch,Makita - Buy Jig Saw Blade Product on Alibaba.com

How to use a Dremel TRIO-- Router, Jigsaw and regular dremel tool. Lots of different bits can fit into this. by Pamela Joy

I want this Dremel for Mother's Day! How to use a Dremel TRIO-- Router, Jigsaw and regular dremel tool.

Get the Right Saw For You It's helpful to think of jigsaws in three categories: For $50 or less, you’ll get a jigsaw that will do its job just fine, but you’ll probably sacrifice features and power. For most DIYers, a saw in the $50 to $100 range is a good choice. It will have some special features and adequate power. Saws that cost over $100 will have large motors and all the best features.

Jigsaw Tips and Essentials

Jigsaw Tips and Essentials -- Tips for smoother, cleaner, more accurate cuts with your jigsaw

free dyi tutorial on how to fix your old dewalt batteries, electrical, lighting, Are your dewalt batteries dead like mine were Here is how to fix them

DEWALT XRP Amp Hour NiCad Pod-Style Battery increase your time work for all DEWALT tools power with DEWALT battery come in 2 pack. Check PriceSpec for dewalt DEWALT Specs DEWALT high performance battery extend runtime than other.

Best DIY Projects: Which saw should I use: a list of what saws to use for which jobs

Power Tools 101: Which saw should I use

Experienced woodworkers know the trick to success is a good strategy. An excellent woodworking plan is kind of like having an excellent plan prior to.

mostly posting this so that when i have a house again someday, i know what i'll need

Top 4 DIY Tools For Big Projects