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Tiered skirt tutorial (no picture)

Should link to a tutorial on a tiered skirt. Basically, the middle tier is half of the bottom, the top half of the middle. A 10 yard skirt has a bottom tier length of 10 yards, middle of 5 and top of 2 Ta-daa!

25 yard skirt

25 yard skirt sadly site no longer is the same file :(

The easiest & cheapest DIY 25 yard skirt

DIY 25 Yard Skirt - Easiest & Cheapest! Gypsy/ATS/Belly Dancing Tiered Skirt

Here's the easiest and cheapest DIY 25 yard skirt! Less sewing, less fabric, but you'll still get the 25 yard volume! Perfect for gypsy & ATS belly dancing.

DIY gypsy skirt (tutorial for kids or adults)

Make a Gypsy Skirt

DIY gypsy skirt , bohemian skirt, belly dancing skirt , peasant skirt , or prairie skirt (tutorial for kids or adults)

10 yard hem Tiered Skirt,   Click on picture for directions and how to calculate fabric needs. Uses approximately 5 meters.

Uses approximately 5 meters (or just under 5 yards). Adjustments just to make the math easy: 14 panels, yd per panel = 7 yds total OR yd per panel = 10 yds total (this would be more of a 20 yd skirt)

25-yard skirt, p2

25-yard skirt, p2

Wevez Womens Gypsy 25 Yard Solid Color Cotton Skirt Black *** You can find more details by visiting the image link.

Wevez Womens Gypsy 25 Yard Solid Color Cotton Skirt Black -- Find out more about the great product at the image link.