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AV Gokko

AV Gokko

Problem?<<<yea kinda, look up the japanese definition and you will see why

I used to think Otakus were freaks but then I realized I was one but now I'm a Weeaboo.

Just went to BAM today. It was pouring rain outside but when I got inside I went walking back and forth looking for the mangas. When I found them I found 2 I liked and found a Happy (Fairy Tail) Plush. Finished the manga in 1 day. Need more manga!

I'd stay in the store till I finish reading every manga i want like. World trigger, Lovely complex, Host club, Fruits basket, Inuyasha and more.<<< the only one I know of that was Inuyasha.

This is so accurate it's not even funny... Anyways goodnight babies! Start school tomorrow :( going to bed now love you! Leave me comments :p

My mom asked me what I was reading today (a fanfic) and I made up a plot to a book on the top of my head<<<I do that all the time but when I want to write something I have a brainfart and forget all those awesome things I use as excuses

#wattpad #fanfiction Shorts of Ray x Henry

Captain man x Kid danger Shorts - Jealous

I thought this said "I just wanna go home and watch Annie" and I laughed at how random that was, when I reread it I was very disappointed that it didn't actually say that. :(

キル on

Otaku_ * Every single time I go to a party, I always want to go back and finish watching anime and continue reading manga*

Or in this case, watched the movie/musical. Or are just generally annoyed with me for talking about it too much.

The ups and downs of a book lover's life. No one understands my pain because none of my friends have read the book.

Yeah. I had to make a comic in class and almost sketched it out like a manga. I also have a Japanese class and we make manga's sometimes too.

But when I know i'm reading manga I automatically read it that way

@Gene Kannenberg this looks like grumpy cat and i'm guessing he's at the spotty dog,just had a beer, and found out there are books, too. wait til he sees the art supplies!

Give me manga! Or give me every single anime character from attack on titan! This is otaku paradise!