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【迪拜超给力的水下十星级酒店】以奢华举世闻名的迪拜啊!海底酒店位于迪拜阿拉伯湾水下60英尺,自称为十星级酒店! 分海上和海底两部分,共拥有21个房间,还有潜水中心和酒吧供娱乐休闲。水上部分则是有餐厅、温泉浴场和巨大的游泳池。

This dreaming hotel is at Dubai! But wander this is real or not.

Pool Design, Pictures, Remodel, Decor and Ideas - page 136

modern architecture - craig reynolds landscape architect - olivia street garden - exterior view - tropical garden/ love the design of the stone patio around the pool.


You will find one of the most famous ancient water town -Wuzhen in this picture.

My eyes are just sweating.

Discover the full story- put out by the Moscow Architecture Museum to attract visitors;

Eingebettetes Bild

Ark Hotel of China is a remarkable achievement and one of the most interesting buildings in the world. The Ark Hotel has been designed by Russian firm Remistudio.

tree houses by Eli Lucilia

Just to clarify: My dream home isn't a tree house; my dream home would HAVE an awesome treehouse in the backyard.

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Hongcun, the best place to see Ming and Qing-era folk residences in China.it also sparckles as a unesco heritage site.


Shang Xia boutique incorporates a minimalist, contemporary design principle and aesthetic, with traditional Chinese cultural elements and philosophy, especially those of the earlier Chinese dynasties (as you can see people are sitting on the floor).

#马尔代夫# #水下餐厅# 马代只有两个酒店有水下餐厅哦 希尔顿港丽(Conrad)的Ithaa和安娜塔拉吉哈瓦(AKV)的Sea.而且据说港丽的这个海底餐厅还可以变成一个私人海底卧室,你可以在床上享用你的香槟晚餐和美味早餐!这最早是一位岛上的哥们给他太太的生日惊喜哦

#马尔代夫# #水下餐厅# 马代只有两个酒店有水下餐厅哦 希尔顿港丽(Conrad)的Ithaa和安娜塔拉吉哈瓦(AKV)的Sea.而且据说港丽的这个海底餐厅还可以变成一个私人海底卧室,你可以在床上享用你的香槟晚餐和美味早餐!这最早是一位岛上的哥们给他太太的生日惊喜哦