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“Nature is not horrible. Nature is not wonderful. Nature is not cruel. Nature is not beautiful. Nature only is.


Mystical Snow Forest, Hungary: >>> 16 Degrees in Provo Utah and its COLD outside. Thankful for my job and staying at home.<<< So pretty


Los mejores paisajes naturales del mundo (Parte 1)

Saatchi Online Artist: Christina Storozkova; C-Type, 2012, Photography "Ocala Downs"

My in-laws subdivision - Online Artist: Christina Storozkova; C-Type, Photography "Ocala Downs"

How our world would look if you were a bird

Birds eye view, I liked the Tulip Fields in the Netherlands. I now want to be a bird

Airstream trailer

Airstream on the road [lovely - almost as smart as our red team of Range-rover Discovery and red emblazoned Aurora luxury caravan!

Lost in the woods..

{"Afterburn, Torridon - Fire damaged Pine trees below Liathach (by Richard Childs)"} ~~so many of our pines had this look after a forest fire.

#landscape #mystic landscape #dark arts #animals in art #dark forest #woodland fairies

((Open rp for the girl.)) I run after the boy that I had been told to kill. He darts into a forest, making it instantly misty. Pulling out my gun, I aim.