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In the Vishnu Avatar- Varaha Lord Vishnu assumed the shape of a boar, and carried the earth on his tusks saving it from the asura Hiranyaksha and killing him.

Brahmā is the Hindu god. According to the Brahmā Purāņa, he is the father of Manu, and from Manu all human beings are descended. In the Rāmāyaņa and the Mahābhārata, he is often referred to as the progenitor or great grandsire of all human beings. He is not to be confused with the Supreme Cosmic Spirit in Hindu Vedānta philosophy known as Brahman, which is genderless.

Brahma, the Hindu god of creation and the Vedas. His vāhana is the hamsa. He is clothed in red and is traditionally depicted with four heads, four faces, and four arms. With each head, He continually recites one of the four Vedas.

Cosmic Vishnu

Lord Vishnu sustains and preserves the universe and is omnipresent. Symbolism says that the color blue is to emphasize and represent that he is Infinite like sky and ocean.