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Creative Concept Art by Dan Dos Santos  (Last Man Standing)

Because Dan dos Santos! I need this as a book cover. (MotoLady art by Dan dos Santos- “Honeyed Words”.

By Joanne Nam #bleaq #art #painting

Delicate, ghostly portraits painted by Joanne Nam

Joanne Nam "Bow" Oil on wood panel This piece is for The Third Annual Supersonic show in San Francisco, January 9

Cats 'n' Dogs... and a bird! by Bram Zwinnen [ZWAM]

Cats 'n' Dogs... and a bird!

Dribbble Cats 'n' Dogs. and a bird! by Bram Zwinnen [ZWAM] on Designspiration

Sweet Pixar Character Posters - My Modern Metropolis

Sweet Pixar Character Posters

How To Sculpt and Paint Fantastic Monster Maquettes - 2 LESSONS! | Stan Winston School of Character Arts

Learn creature design with world-renowned concept artist Jordu Schell (Avatar, Hellboy). See him sculpt and paint in two comprehensive lessons--recorded LIVE!

Doctor Who 3x08-09 - Human Nature & The Family of Blood

Joan Redfern, who the Doctor falls for, refused to be a companion.