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Idina Menzel after If/Then on the way to Tony Awards || I don't know who took this picture, but if I were in their place, I would have sobbed so aggressively.

Idina Menzel after If/Then on the way to Tony Awards- Yeah, one would definitely need help getting down that step in those shoes and gown.

A living, breathing, talking, walking, singing, acting, dancing, flying, example that legends are real & they are possible

Idina Menzel is my Broadway role model .I hope to meet her in person someday and get some acting tips from her.I'd love to hear how she got on Broadway.I could really use some advice from a experienced expert!

Idina Menzel and Norbert Leo Butz on Broadway

Hug your sweetheart tight when you see Wicked at the Sacramento Community Center May 28 - June Photo credit: Elphaba (Idina Menzel) & Fiyero (Norbert Leo Butz) from the original Broadway production of Wicked.

Idina Menzel preparing for her role as Elphaba in Wicked.

Idina Menzel to Return to Broadway Next Spring in a New Musical

Jackie Burns (Elphaba) performs 'Defying Gravity' in WICKED: The Musical


This is a photo of the Broadway play, Wicked. The blue light is cast down on the wicked witch, Elphaba, makes her seem evil and powerful.

"Eleka nahmen nahmen. Ah tum ah tum. Eleka nahmen." - Elphaba in Wicked

What is this chanting? Fiyero where are you? Already dead or bleeding one more disaster I can add to my generous supply!

Posters for Wicked and If/Then right next to eachother in NYC, two of Idina's major claims to fame. This is too much to handle, it makes me so proud of her! To complete it, they need a Rent poster (even though it's no longer running)!!

Posters for Wicked and If/Then right next to each other in NYC! All hail my queen Idina Menzel!

Beautiful Broadway Elphabas

Wicked 30 Day Challenge Day My favorite Elphaba actress(es) are Kerry Ellis, Willemijn Verkaik, and Emily Koch.