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クロミミオオコウモリ Pteropus melanotus natalis Christmas Island  flying fox

クロミミオオコウモリ Pteropus melanotus natalis Christmas Island flying fox

PARTY ANIMALS! Olive and Cream Cheese Penguins - are u kidding!!  Love love

Olive Cocktail Penguin

Animal Fun Food- Who doesn't love penguins? Try out these tiny olive penguins!

My dad would have a blast just picking the crabs off of this! ahaha

6 of the world’s most ingenious wildlife overpasses [PICs]

Bridge made for local crab population - WTF fun facts :that's cute~~ XD

Rainbow Wrasse caught off Christmas Island. #imgur

Rainbow Wrasse caught off Christmas Island

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32 Amazingly Beautiful Red Animals You Need To See

COLOR - triad HARMONY of blue violet, red orange & yellow green. Dendrobates Pumilio (Strawberry Poison Dart Frog) is native to Central America and Puerto Rico. The Blue Jeans Morph is the most popular with pet owners.

Red Crab Migration, Christmas Island | Australia  At the beginning of the wet season, most adult red crabs suddenly begin a spectacular migration from the forest to the coast to breed. During peak migration times, sections of roads where crabs cross in high numbers may be closed to vehicles for short periods of time. (Photos by Alain Thain, Charlie Summers, and Max Orxard)

Red Crab Migration, Christmas Island, Australia (coconut crab in foreground)

"Honu Turtle" Glass Ornament (Hula Island)

'Honu Turtle' Glass Ornament - Ready to Swim from Hula Island to Your Christmas Tree, the New Honu Turtle Glass Christmas Ornament. Beautifully Luminescent the Honu Turtle Christmas tree ornament.

Coconut Crab Christmas Island

Stock Photo of Coconut Crab Christmas Island. High Quality Coconut Crab Images and Gloss Prints are available from Oceanwide Images Stock Photo Library.

Golden bosun unique to Christmas Island

The Golden Bosun is unique to Christmas Island. Picture: Stephen Cooper Source: The Daily Telegraph

Christmas Island Shells stamp issue now in-store or online ‪#‎Philately‬

Stamp Issues

Christmas Island Shells stamp issue now in-store or online…

Handcrafted Brass Lone Star Texas Necklace

Texas "Lone Star" Patina Necklace-brass,gold,turquoise,something blue,longhorns,blue state necklace,gift idea, christmas present

Wear your home state close to your heart with these gorgeous patinated brass pendants. LOVE Oregon & love a good brass patina!

Arctic Fox by Sergey Gorshkov

Russian Refuge Wrangel Island is a haven for wildlife, frozen in space and time. Photograph by Sergey Gorshkov The Artful Dodgers of Wrangel Island, arctic foxes steal as many as 40 snow goose eggs a day and cache them for their pups.