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You can sit 10 bucks in a row, but if someone nudges you...

So true if your horse bucks you off you stay on for 10 bucks and if someone nudges you you fall dramatically get real peeps lol😀

Wright brothers were onto something

To ride a horse is to fly without wings. As a little girl Mikayla would always say as we were riding . "Go fast momma so I can fly" and then she would hold her arms out and say "look mom I'm flying" love her so much. :) Dude my life.

Lol. Yep. Whenever you say "green horse" to a non equestrian you know that this is what comes up in their head.

Green broke means barely ridable, not actually GREEN ppl! horse problems horse girl problems horse lover problems horse rider problems equestrian problems cowgirl problems probs I love those kind well when I was younger I'm getting to old for that now