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hahahahahahaha they're so good. he should do them spontaneously!>>> oh Bambi I cried so hard when the hunter shot your mommy 😂

Oh good grief...I like to say that I want to date people dumber than me but this reminds me that I SO dont want that.

This is making me want to rewatch glee it was the first show i watched on Netflix and its my favorite show of all time

RIP Cory Monteith. You were so special, yet you had no idea...


Grant Gustin - Sebastian Smythe. He might be a terrible person to Klaine, but I adore his character!

Grant Gustin - The Flash (Barry Allen) in CW Series and Sebastian Smythe in Glee ❤

Prom-asaurus (Episode 3.19)

"Well I'll keep it simple. Prom sucks without you." Aww, beautiful Finn and Rachel moment

BEST.PRESENT.EVER!!!! Wish Burt Hummel could buy my holiday gifts; he clearly has the most amazing taste.️

Klaine reunion, one of the only good moments of season 4 so far.