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恐怖のイメージ。幽霊・化け物・妖怪画、血みどろ絵など「怖い浮世絵」が勢ぞろいした展覧会 | ARTIST DATABASE

Scary Ukiyoe fun fact: historically ghost stories and scary anything were a summer thing in Japan, because, according to what they think, would give a chill on your spine on boiling hot summer nights.

おもうことかなう福助 がいこつ

おもうことかなう福助 がいこつ

Fascinating Japanese paintings created by Hiroshi Hirakawa more paintings on his site. via inkbutter

Japanese painter Hiroshi Hirakawa

Hiroshi Hirakawa& paintings are breathtaking and in the Japanese style of Ukiyoe which literally means & of the Floating World&