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Cancer Zodiac Sign ♋

Change Zodiac Sign Cancer to Cancer Free! Ive gotten a lot better with age but dont piss me off.I would rip you to shreds.


They are a mixture of both toughness and softness because while they have a soft heart and deep sensitivity, they also know when to put their foot down and stand up for themselves.

Cancer Zodiac Sign ♋

It's like playing a perpetual chess game with the entire human population.

If you treat Cancer Zodiac Sign♋ like an option instead of a priority...

If you treat Cancer Zodiac Sign♋ like an option instead of a priority.


As a matter of fact I get so frustrated when angry that I cry. about nothing except that I'm angry and refuse to be violently in rage.



Problem is, our hearts tend to pick the wrong ones.

Most Cancer seem to rank pretty high on the intuitive scale.  I am super sensitive energetically, and seem to receive information from some of the most unusual places.  We tend to KNOW things others are simply pondering. And we know far more than we ever reveal. ~ Jeanne Rivard

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Yes true and as like the tides of the Sea, our moods can fluctuate throughout the day!

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To the people in my life trying to play me like I don't know