glenn dale hospital abandoned maryland 12 Unnerving Abandoned Asylums and Sanatoriums

12 Abandoned Insane Asylums and Sanatoriums

Originally built as a tuberculosis sanatorium on a 210 acre campus near Washington, D., the abandoned Glenn Dale Hospital (also called Glenndale Hospital) consisted of two large buildings capable of housing more than 550 patients between them.

- Darbyville State Hospital*

Sometimes the most frightening places you can imagine really exist. Find out more in Matthew Christopher's Autopsy of the American Dream.

The Caged birds sing - Verden Psychiatric Hospital

Verden Psychiatric Hospital- so creepy? yes the abandoned hospital is creepy, the patients themselves were only ill and stigmatized.

One of the most interesting things about exploring abandoned homes is imagining what the occupants were like from what they left open casket???

The abandoned MT Psychiatric Center, NY. This relatively small psychiatric center is listed as one the most haunted places of the county and has been fenced off for over a decade. The building itself is about to collapse and parts of the floor are moving

Don't know whose or where it is/was, but it fascinates me...

Queen Anne style - for the angles, the turrets and the porches This fine example is in Yonkers, NY and still standing beautiful to this day!

Forest Haven, a horrific place for children that was shut down by the Feds in 1991.

"Forest Haven was a children's developmental center in Laurel, Maryland. It was notorious for its poor conditions and abuse of patients. It was shut down in 1991 by a federal court.