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R2 Keg=awesome

Antique R2-D2 Comes from an Era of Beer Baron Space Pirates

Star Wars Art: Beer Barrel Steampunk - Definitely our type of thing. Geeky and cool just like my Jim;

Compass wristband. For remembering your setting on steampunk dials.

A steampunk bracer, made of brass and leather, decked in gears, with a functional compass. This one is made by dracula clothing.

Hippocampus Whitei (Seahorse)  by Artist: Christopher Trotter.  Something I've wanted to see for a while is this sculpture. A seahorse 'fossil' constructed entirely from machinery parts.

Steampunk Treasure A steampunk seahorse skeleton, this would make a great wall sculpture with the sand/dirt half submerging the fantastical mechanical wonder

Harriet Mead

i dont usually like sculptures made from scrap parts but this one is pretty good! Vulture make from salvaged gears and auto parts. Artist is Harriet Mead

steampunk spider

*( ͡ ͡° ͜ ͡ ͡° )* Mechanical Spider Sculpture No 4 Recycled Watch Parts Clockwork Arachnid Figurine Stems Lightbulb Arthropod A Mechanical Mind Halloween.

Toy gun turned steam punk.

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