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Stachys lanata, Lambs Ear

Lambs ear plants also go by the names "rabbits ears," "donkey ears," and "woolly betony.

Echium Candicans 15 Seeds, Pride Of Madeira, Perennial Sub Shrub

I had originally mistaken this plant for Buddleja Davidii (Butterfly Bush), but I've been told it is actually Pride of Madeira. You can see it flowering all


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http://www.pinterest.com/jsj0522/%E8%8A%B1/  花

Spikes - Rare Afgekia sericea, Legume Explored 9 August: Found this rare beauty at Chiang Mai's Queen's Park.

talokoti.fi kukkapenkki

garden with rock, fern nestled in, phlox, iris, possibly goatsbeard behind rock