Untitled, by Tara Donovan.  Detail, 2008, polyester film.  For a piece she made especially for the Boston show, Donovan simply looped and folded translucent plastic sheeting inside a long rectangular slot cut into a wall of the museum. It forms a kind of deep, fluid window that people on either side can look through.

Tara Donovan at ICA, Boston - Photo Essays

Tara Donovan at the Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston The American sculptor transforms disposable objects into stunning works of art

医療と芸術の融合。X線フィルムで医者が撮影した花たち | ARTIST DATABASE

The floral passion of a radiologist in In the Dr. Dain L. Tasker, a radiologist from a Los Angeles hospital, has satisfied his passion for flowers using his tool to perform hundreds of x-rays that show transparency.

Cracked Glass

Broken Mirror/Evening Sky is a series of images by New York photographer Bing Wright who captured the reflections of sunsets on shattered mirrors. The final prints are displayed quite large, measuring nearly across by tall, creating what I can only ima

Tara Donovan, Untitled, 2011. Mylar and hot glue

Tara Donovan's amazing installation, Untitled, Mylar and Hot Glue (amazing!) idea: make rings jewellery etc into an art installation?

Not really bucket list but it would be cool to go see this in person and its so close in Omaha, Nebraska

installation work by American artist Anne Lindberg. This work is part of a group show, titled Placemakers, (Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts in Omaha, Nebraska from January 13 – March

TARA DONOVAN scotch tape sculpture

TARA DONOVAN scotch tape sculpture

Tara Donovan, Untitled, 2008. polyester film, installation dimensions variable.

Tara Donovan, Untitled, - NYFA/NYSCA Fellow included in the Dorsky Museum's Fall 2017 exhibition

Tara Donovan

Untitled, 2003 Styrofoam Cups, Hot Glue visit the American artist Tara Donovan's work at Ace Gallery , NYC Tara Donovan , creates natu.