tastefullyoffensive: “Pumpkin spikes latte. [via] ” ツボッたw スタバハリネズミww

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Bear on a bike :)

Look at that funny thing. It's a bear riding a tricycle. That bear is TOO BIG for a tricycle!

We love football♡  @どうぶつサッカー

Exhibit F: Despite their hefty stature, elephants LOVE playing soccer. Just imagine a team of plump elephants chasing a soccer ball around a field. JUST IMAGINE. Or better yet, look at these chunky chaps play ball:



Love the baby bear! Get in the middle of loving my baby bear? I will crush you.

ヘックション! 絶対「くしゃみ」したんだ

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wolves in fog

Three Wolves, Quebec, Canada Photo by - Daniel Parent from Amazing Things in the World, fb