Bounty Hunter, Lukasz Poduch on ArtStation at

Bounty Hunter - by Lukasz Poduch “Copyright Burning Games LTD”

You Can Play Assassin's Creed Of The Future. With Guns. Sort Of.

You Can Play Assassin's Creed Of The Future. With Guns. Sort Of.

Mainly an Assassin in the future. Reminds me of Ghost Recon Future Soldier and Assassins Creed put together.

12772039_558446364339801_8528396959100435429_o.jpg (807×1200)

12772039_558446364339801_8528396959100435429_o.jpg (807×1200)

1449247879163.png (1488×2105)

Artwork // By Marko-Djurdjevic (DeviantArt)

DEGENESIS concept art by Marko Djurdjevic

Peacebringer, solo act Class: Transformed Powers: Technopathy, impenetrable armor

Call of Duty: Black - Concept Art Tacticus

Gunz cowboy2, in shoo on ArtStation at

All those damn belts.

Legendary blade

More medieval fantasy than samurai, but incorporated into the aesthetic well.

Sha'ravoz - Bounter Hunter Tracker

right gun the bounty hunter ( or bounty hunter 76 XD ) , Yuka Han

Armor Knight, Hyungwoo Kim on ArtStation at

Armor Knight by Hyungwoo Kim

Call of Duty: Black Ops III Marketing Art by Karakter Design Studio (Concept Art World)

Nuthin' But Mech: Bounty Hunter

Bounty Hunter by Nivanh Chanthara deviantART. (via Bounty Hunter. by on deviantART)

ArtStation - Sword guy.., John Ribera

, John Ribera on ArtStation

ArtStation - A21, pablo vicentin

ARMOR: High Poly , Low Poly, UV's, Bakes and Textures by Pablo Vicentin BR rifle, feet armor (highpoly) and Techsuit probided by 343 Industries.

Aloy - Horizon Zero Dawn by on @DeviantArt

Aloy Concept Art for Horizon: Zero Dawn : gaming

Justin Oaksford

updraft by justin oaksford Spectrum The Best in Contemporary Fantastic Art