Realistic Miniature Bread - YouTube The water probably only works with Fimo. Try TLS

Simplystella's Sketchbook: DIY: Realistic Miniature Bread w/ Baking Powder scale) - this is freakishly realistic.

Make miniature food from polymer clay!

Miniature Food Polymer Clay Tutorial - How to Sculpt Miniature Bakery Treats from Polymer Clay (Dollhouse, Food Jewelry Tutorial eBook)

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As it’s been probably pretty clear from the past year’s work, I’m not all that much into miniature food anymore. And I realize now that I won’t do any doll’s house collector style miniature food anymore either.

miniature food tutorial dolls house bread baguette step by step how-to guide

The Enchanted Gallery: How to make miniature food with polymer clay - Bread boule and baguette tutorial

Terrific step by step visuals / Orig Post: How to model a clay doll head - pictorial sculpting tutorial.

how to: clay bread baking techniques

Creating miniature bread rolls and baguettes out of polymer clay. I am using baking soda to create the realistic bread texture. HOW TO: ►Take some light brow.

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Free step by step tutorial how to make miniature food and dollhouse items with polymer clay and flower soft floral bouquet