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We can't giggle; it's a crime scene. Uhm, this is us during movies--only we do giggle! Actually, we buy the movie and fast forward to places we aren't supposed to laugh at

I love him - I don't ship johnlock but I love Sherlock and John's friendship

THIS is why I love Sherlock. And don't forget: He fears romance and love hence his reluctance to form a relationship with Molly

gif http://bene-batch.tumblr.com/post/73168741655/what-is-my-brother-doing-here-he-straightened-the

bene-batch: “ What is my brother doing here? He straightened the knocker. He always corrects it, he’s OCD.

Photoshop strikes again

When I was young I never knew how much middle aged men in flower crowns would mean to me

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Do this when you walk into your new class for the first time. It always helps you make new friends.

Do this when you walk into your new class for the first time. It always helps you make new friends.<--- Now on my bucket list

#BenedictCumberbatch   Benedict Cumberbatch(Sherlock) <3   Benedict Cumberbatch. 2017 BAFTA TV Awards. May 14, 2017.

Benedict Cumberbatch admitted he had barely had any sleep as he arrived at the Bafta TV Awards.

Smiles overload. sources: http://sherlockbbc.skyrock.com/ http://benedictcumberbatch.skyrock.com/1.html

What continues to amaze me is how you can tell instantly if this is Ben or Sherlock.he may be dressed as Sherlock.but this gif is all Ben. Just amazing how he can create the persona of someone completely different.

I can't believe I actually got Sherlock  maybe it's rigged

Which Sherlock character are you?

BBC One - An exclusive picture of Benedict Cumberbatch on the set of Sherlock - The Sign of Three.