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【To Alice】L278原创和风花魁柄蕾丝姬袖衬衫+jsk背心裙【定金】

style: crossing jumper/pinafore look into Japanese Lolita (cute) possibility [Tomy Bear -The Plum Flower- Wa Lolita Jumper Dress]

Cute.girly/love the skirt

Blippo Kawaii Shop ♥ Cute Japanese gifts, candy, stationery & accessories with Free international shipping!

Pleats jeweled collar | Take a look at this awesome outfit from @stylekick. There are plenty more #SKoutfits to check out on http://petitecherrycom.tumblr.com/

Girl Next Door Fashion. Fashion Pointers To Give You Great Style. If you are the owner of a no-style wardrobe and feel that you have no fashion sense, here is the article for you. You don't have to be known as a fashion d

I found this on www.asianicandy.com sooooooooo cute

Sweetheart party dress

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Gothic Lolita Bonnet Dark Chocolate and Cream by EnglishCharm, $35.00

Items similar to Gothic Lolita Bonnet - Cream Cluny Lace on Etsy

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Mango Doll - Sweet Puff Lace Sleeve Dress , $34.00 (http://www.mangodoll.com/all-items/sweet-puff-lace-sleeve-dress/)

Mango Doll - Sweet Puff Lace Sleeve Dress , $34.00 (http://www.mangodoll.com/all-items/sweet-puff-lace-sleeve-dress/)