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Look at this very brave giant ant squaring off against this helicopter on top of a skyscraper. Normal Ant on a cup with the helicopter in the background.

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cherrylisa: “ Frozen Tree, Park City, Utah ” my dad used to make these during freezing nights. you just tie a hose to the tree and leave It running over night!

.nature | water drop | ant.

Funny pictures about An ant pushing some water. Oh, and cool pics about An ant pushing some water. Also, An ant pushing some water photos.


Russian photographer Andrew Osokin, who specializes in mirco and macro photography, has captured tiny droplets of dew in a photo series that zooms in on nature.

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16.) Open wide!

I am a huge fan of perfectly timed photos that show the photographers’ sense of humor. I spend all my free time to search the photos captured images at just the right moment or from just the right perspective.

Música Natural

G clef out lof a plant! i love both music and plants. And the color lime green!

Matthew 6:33

This is a picture of Zen stones. Zen means peace of your mind. This represents order as with you being at peace, there would be no disorder and only peace and order.

sneeuwijs4/ folded snow

Funny pictures about Beautiful Ribbon Ice. Oh, and cool pics about Beautiful Ribbon Ice. Also, Beautiful Ribbon Ice photos.