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(46) Одноклассники  copper wire wrapped pendant  advanced wire wrapping

This looks so intricate and beautiful, I also think with some tweaking you could fashion this design into a steampunk-style owl!

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I cannot see this word without feeling the need to yell it aggressively in Russian accent. RUK O DELL! It just rolls right off tongue!

Love this...Photo album Елена Зырянова by user работы моего любимого мужчины on Odnoklassniki

Traingular blade / flag with flame shaped insert with three stones copper wirework Одноклассники

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Wire wrap necklace I think I would be a little over celest in trying something of this magnitude. Very dramatic appeal.

SAFO 2 necklace, copper, jasper, patinated, completely handmade without soldering and heat. by KL-WireDream on DeviantArt

Copper necklace with jasper made entirely by hand without the use of soldering and heat / copper patina, brass, jasper the size of the pendant SAFO 2