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Stan Winston, UVA graduate and mastermind behind amazing movie creatures such as Jurassic Park, the Terminator, and Alien

Stan Winston, UVA graduate & mastermind behind amazing movie creatures such as: Jurassic Park, Terminator and Alien.

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It's so sweet, but wait till it grows! Image: close up of the baby ‪ from The Lost World: Jurassic Park incredible paint work by Joey Orosco, Stan Winston Studio.

Jim Charmatz and Trevor L. Hensley add color details to a male JURASSIC PARK III velociraptor.

Master special effects character creation artist and key creature painter at Stan Winston Studio & Legacy Effects.

JP III's Spino lords over the defeated T-rex. Jurassic Park fans around the world mourn.

Jurassic Park III's full-size Spinosaurus animatronic comes to life at Stan Winston Studio -- bigger & faster than Jurassic Park's T-rex.

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Baby T Rex by DsKoRn.jpg

Baby Tyrannosaurus Rex from Jurassic Park Baby T-Rex


velociraptor - : any of a genus (Velociraptor) of theropod dinosaurs of the Late Cretaceous having a long head with a flat snout and a large sickle-shaped claw on the second toe of each foot