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The World Before I Go To Sleep | Bored Panda

The World Before I Go To Sleep

The lazy lizard Feel free to share/like as much as you want! Photo manipulation based on my own stock photography For print:.

Icarosaurus siefkeri, icarus lizard

Icarosaurus (meaning “Icarus lizard”) is an extinct genus of kuehneosaurid reptile from the Late Triassic (Carnian age) Lower Lockatong Formation of New Jersey, dated to around 228 million years ago.

Geamana, el pueblo rumano inundado por un lago tóxico

geamana-romania-A Romanian village is covered by water tainted with cyanide and other chemicals. The polluted lake was created in the by chemicals resulting from copper extraction by a state-owned copper mine

Amazing Storm Photos by Nick Moir

terrific storm photos - These terrific storm photos were taken by Australian storm chaser and photographer Nick Moir. Moir is obsessed with wild weather.

10 Photos Taken at the Exact Right Moment!

Clever optical illusion nature moulds itself into a portrait of salvador dali,now that is surreal art great wildlife seascape photo


Images Filled with Childhood Fantasy and Dreams by France-based creative Alastair Magnaldo

Artist Uses 17 Meters of Mirrors to Represent a Lake That’s Been Broken Into Pieces

Artist Uses 17 Meters of Mirrors to Represent a Lake That's Been Broken Into Pieces