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One of my favorite Vintage Barbies in my collection

One of my favorite Vintage Barbies in my collection my prize possession.

1960/1970 ken en barbie.  sc- I had a Ken with this soft, fuzzy hair.  Until my baby sister sucked all the hair off his head and just a brown plastic scalp remained!

Title: How does the title symbolize Nora’s discoveries about Torvald at the…

Platinum Swirl Barbie Doll, circa 1964 {tan complexion, pink lips and golden platinum hair}

Platinum Swirl Barbie Doll, The lips on these dolls often oxidizes over time. Mine has gone a butterscotch color.

https://flic.kr/p/8KDeZy | Happy Party | Skipper celebrates everyone's good hair day. She invites her friends and sitter to enjoy a sugary bounty. But, where's Barbie? And Ken? Re-rooting of both dolls by Deborah Lillard for Spicyfyre Creations.

Spicyfyre Creations Home of the OOAK Doll Reroot Specialist Reroots rerooting of hair Barbie Doll Reroot dolls for sale haute doll magazine .

Vintage Barbie in Plantation Belle- vintage barbie is the theme for my dear friend London's baby room

Vintage Barbie in Plantation Belle. I recently purchased a blonde bubble-cut that would look great in this!

Vintage Barbies were made from 1959 to 1966. For more detail on each doll see Vintage Barbie Dolls.

Barbie Doll History, Types of Barbies - the very first Barbies sold by Mattel are now known as Vintage dolls. They were sold between 1959 to I just purchased a 1964 Fudge Brunette Bubblecut Barbie