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ZeldaOC: Roan by Split-Heart

ZeldaOC: Roan by Split-Heart concept, concept art, character design

Northern sketchbook cover 2015 by on @DeviantArt

Northern sketchbook cover 2015 by Orpheelin on DeviantArt

adahllenn: Well, @projectnelm, has done it again! This is my...

This is my newest DnD character, Lilyth. She’s a multi-classed ranger/druid. She’s a young half-elf and kind of reckless which gets her in trouble. However, she’s fierce in battle and always.

"Why is he helping me?" "Why am I letting him help me?" "I mean elves are bad, right?" "Aren't man and elf sworn enemies?" "So why is he helping me instead of killing me?"

Eoran and Princess Nithenoel on a stroll in the snow. Though he pretends that it is her mother rather than her, as she is the only piece of Aenwyn that is left.

This is an amazing piece of artwork. It's basically how I imagine all the female warriors  I create. This could be my Dovahkiin!

Nudity and Nerdery • mundiinnobis: Skuld by Lekso Tiger

Paizo Blog

Paizo Blog

"Brother, no one likes a know it all. Now be quiet. I want to figure this out myself."

Fantasy versions of Rogue and Apollo

rachelmatile: “ MAGIC self portrait cartoon for class ”

rhymewithrachel: “ quickly leveled up my sheridan guild character ! more power=bird hat you can actually see me putting less and less effort as the years go on ”

19989291_502487736795118_5199232730429881670_n.png (540×690)

Symmetra dragon skin idk the artist sorry

The Art Of Northern Cover by on @deviantART

The Art Of Northern Cover by Orpheelin


Female half-elf Bard - Pathfinder PFRPG DND D&D I love seeing elves of color instead of the typical blonde hair, blue eyed types

Icari Rüstung

Mode und Möbel Design treffen sie sich in der Phantasie

Joon Ahn is a concept artist and illustrator working in the video game industry. Joon is currently a Senior Concept Artist at Riot Games.

Arcia Reference by Avionetca by MorriLeFay

commissions for Pandarin and some demon beauty^^ commissions for MorriLeFay -triptih

This looks like how I imagine Tarya and Dalyan

This looks like how I imagine Tarya and Dalyan

Cancoillotte et Morbiflette

Cancoillotte et Morbiflette