Crow or Raven?

There is just something about the ravens and crows that facinate me.

The Raven - 11" x 14" archival Art Nouveau print

The Raven - 11" x 14" archival Art Nouveau print

WOW! this is one DYNAMIC "orangey-peach" Corvid!!! by Brenda Ferguson

Brenda Ferguson Original art paintings gallery by ME artist Brenda Ferguson -

Night Raven Art Print From Original Oil by PaintedMoonGallery, $30.00  artist David Joaquin

Night Raven- Art Print

Medicine of Magic

"In Celtic Mythology a Raven is a Sign of Change to Come" ~♪ In Native tradition, Crow represents "Spirit World". Crow is "LAW".

Related image

Related image

Corvidae is stretching it's Beauty-Full Wing! "Crow" by Kirchmeier

Native American Zodiac Animal: Crow (Raven) Sep 22 - Oct 22

"Raven Totem" was a bit of a magical painting for me. The painting emerged as effortlessly as breathing. I never look at it without remembering my lost brother and dad, who died in a plane crash prior to its conception. by Holly Ricks Miller

Fire in the Belly Crow Raven Celtic Goddess Spiral by AntlerThorn

FIRE in the BELLY ※ Crow Raven Celtic Goddess God Spiral Sunlight Gold Purple Otherworld Bird Art

Fire in the Belly Hello Crow Raven Celtic Goddess God by SigiDawn

Love Link Ravens Pair of Black Birds Fantasy by Kamakru on Etsy