Awwww!  "Let's go home" by ~tatsuri,

Thor and Loki--Thor is such a good brother; I'd take him for a big brother

Set fire to the rain

Funny pictures about The Avengers meet Adele. Oh, and cool pics about The Avengers meet Adele. Also, The Avengers meet Adele.

Thor ❤

you can't deny how hot thor is when he comes back for jane. and then just swoops her up to asgard. My mom loves Loki better than Thor don't know why

I wish all the hiddlestoners could go see the premiere of Thor: The Dark World together <-- yes

Thor: The Dark World. Filled with more feels, more pain, and more future therapy.

'Thor: The Dark World'

'Thor: The Dark World' Is Going To Be The Best Thing Ever

Here's some new stills of the Thor sequel to feast your eyes on.

IT'S SO FLUFFY!! by B-Keks <--- Can you imagine Thor at a carnival? He would have to be dragged away from that hammer strength test thing.

"It is so plush in texture that I desire to perish! Not gonna change it!~ Thor meets Despicable Me!