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Jan Švankmajer (4 September 1934) is a Czech filmmaker and artist whose work spans several media. He is a self-labeled surrealist known for his surreal animations and features, which have greatly influenced other artists such as Terry Gilliam, the Brothers Quay, and many others.

Really cool sculpture from the film Dimensions of Dialogue by Czech animator, Jan Svankmajer

Delacroix - Death of Sardanapalus a. From the poem of the same name by Lord George   Gordon Byron b. Influences of the 17th -century painter Peter Paul Rubens c. Escapist, exotic, sublime subject matter d. Use of color and composition for dramatic, emotive effect  (romanticism)

The Death of Sardanapalus Delacroix, Ferdinand Victor Eugene Painting Reproductions

On the set of The Pirates! Band of Misfits from Aardman Animation. You know...from Wallace & Gromit.

On set of The Pirates ! Band of Misfits / Les Pirates ! Bons à rien, Mauvais en tout

roberto santo - Google Search

artemisdreaming: Arco, Bronze w/ Nickle finish, Ed. of 8 Robert Santo HERE Represented by the Winfield Gallery

Quint visits the set of Laika's The Boxtrolls and brings back a ton of BTS pictures! - Ain't It Cool News: The best in movie, TV, DVD, and comic book news.

How Laika is Revolutionizing Stop-Motion Animation with 'The Boxtrolls'


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