This is the first special limited edition ever released by Absolut Vodka. Released in 2003, commemorating the 25th anniversary of Absolut in U.S.A., the bottle was designed by Brazillian artist Romero Britto in a very limited edition.

Britto was commissioned by Absolute vodka design for their anniversary commemorative bottle.

30+ Creative Absolut Vodka Ads | From up North

Absolut Vodka ads

ABSOLUT SQUEEZE vintage vodka ad for Absolut Citron copyright original magazine back cover


Marketing marek z zakazami. Case study na przykładzie marki Absolut cz.

Amazing Absolut Vodka Inspiration

Design lovers everywhere gotta love Absolut. It is an amazing brand that besides the drink itself, makes people enjoy really well done bottles and advertising designs.

Absolut Seville

A while back I posted a gallery with 31 amazing Absolut Vodka ads from the and The post turned out to be quite popular so I decided to do another one with 35 more ads!

Absolut Hitchcock

Absolut Hitchcock (but he was known to prefer brandy!