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Top is always making girls have a heart attack srsly hes almost murdering them (us)

Poor Panda xD | allkpop Meme Center

Poor Panda xD

Poor Panda the camera man was like no this is going to get ugly

G-Dragon breathes fire and its wayyyy too hot | allkpop Meme Center

G-Dragon breathes fire and its wayyyy too hot

Daesung : Omo De l'eau de l'eau de l'eau ! Elle a plus de cul que moi !

🌺K-Pop🌺 - 😇BigBang😇

D-Lite in Distress | allkpop Meme Center Awww, don't worry Daesung oppa, we love you too!

D-Lite in Distress.LOL I laughed so hard but I also felt bad for daesung! I had no idea GD was in this video until I watched it!

Cutest love triangle everrr..   (Of course,All of them Love each other...❤)

Resolution Prove that this love triangle is real. Haru is the cutest little thing ever!

Big Bang on Running Man. Omg these guys kill me lol.

Big Bang on running man haha. I love that I no longer find this odd.