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Miniature of St John in the Harley Golden Gospels, Germany (Aachen?), quarter of the century: London, British Library, MS Harley

Risultati immagini per Lovell Lectionary c. 1400 images

Book of Hours, Troyes? (France), - St Margaret emerging from the dragon (detail of [BL Harley MS The Harleian manuscripts form one of the foundation collections of the British Library.

This illuminated Book of Hours was produced in the second quarter of the fifteenth century. It is written in the Netherlandish translation of Geert Grote. Although lacking in full-page miniatures, the manuscript contains eighteen historiated initials by the Masters of Zweder van Culemborg with ornamental initials and decoration throughout. Image source: Walters Museum W188

A century book of hours from the Netherlands. This is one of 18 historiated initials by the magnificently named Masters of Zweder van Culemborg. This one shows the visitation.

"In the beginning was the word." Gospel of John illuminated manuscript

Incept Page To The Gospel Of John -- -- From a gospel book attributed to the illuminator Sargis -- Armenian -- Pigments & gold on vellum -- Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History via the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Insular art, also known as Hiberno-Saxon art, is the style of art produced in the post-Roman history of the British Isles. The term derives from insula, the Latin term for "island"; in this period Britain and Ireland shared a largely common style different from that of the rest of Europe. Arts historians usually group insular art as part of the Migration Period art movement as well as Early Medieval Western art, and it is the combination of these two traditions that give the style its…

Book of Kells - Dublin The Book of Kells, (folio circa showing the lavishly decorated text that opens the Gospel of John.

Manuscript drawing of a seated haloed figure in vestments, with a bird on his right shoulder, talking to a seated scribe writing.

Description English: Pope Gregorius I dictating the gregorian chants Date circa 1000 Source Antiphonary of Hartker of the monastery of Saint Gall (Cod. Author Hartker of Sankt-Gallen. See this book for information on the manuscript.

King David Kneeling Before God  Bible of Matthias Corvinus c.1490

King David Kneeling before God


Almugavar Hours, Decorative border and incipit with floral motifs and birds, Walters Manuscript fol. by Walters Art Museum Illum.