Medieval Bestiary : Magpie
Medieval Bestiary : Hawk
It’s not a goat with explosive diarrhea. Rather, it’s a Bonnacon, a beasty featured in medieval bestiaries that was able to fire its own excrement at its attackers, the dung burning anything it touches. Flaming projectile shit is sixteen shades more awesome than diarrhea.

Medieval Marginalia

Medieval Bestiary : Owl Gallery
A multi-colored tiger looks in a glass sphere, and thinking it is her stolen cub allows the hunter to escape with the cub. The colors are more like those usually ascribed to the panther  British Library, Additional MS 11283, Folio 2r
Nude infant astride rooster (but of course) - France, late 14th c., Medieval Manuscript Images, Pierpont Morgan Library, Book of hours (MS M.6). MS M.6 fol. 40v
1410 manuscript - Three people against one snail