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Vasilyeva Ekaterina(エカテリーナ・ヴァシリエワ)

Vasilyeva Ekaterina(エカテリーナ・ヴァシリエワ)


it's them badass kids in chicago, frank sinatra, and rad kids on the streets of jamaica that hits the spot for me :D Classy People From The Past Remind Us What "Cool" Really Means

These photographers may have never known the significance of the pictures they took and that millions would be marveling at them in the future. From thousands of images, I chose these to give us a rare and fascinating look at how different (and similar) life used to be.

36 Incredible Photographs from the Past You Might Not Have Seen Before

bernard plossu photographe - Recherche Google

For more than 15 years, French photographer Bernard Plossu took extended trips to Mexico to photograph people, landscapes and a culture.

Missing Japan, Balanced in Brazil

Missing Japan, Balanced in Brazil

Among the first generation of Japanese laborers who immigrated to Brazil more than a century ago, Haruo Ohara photographed a world where man sought harmony with tradition and nature.

Daniel Brox Nordmo created the Silhouettes project to explain just how little identity really means to us in today's world.

Impenetrable Silhouettes Photographed in Oslo – Fubiz Media

Elegant, mysterious, intense.

Veronica Who? vanished without a trace. Maybe she was murdered, kidnapped, suicide, whatever. She was a college poet in her

WILLIAM EGGLESTON: "The Tender-Cruel Camera" - ASX | AMERICAN SUBURB X | Photography & Culture

allwindows: “ “Untitled (Outskirts of Morton, Mississippi, Halloween),” 1971 - William Eggleston ”

@katyspacebird on instagram #photography #flowers

@katyspacebird on instagram #photography #flowers


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