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I'm Inez and I'll be your glamour hostess/tour guide for the day.

Encouraged by her sister-in-law to indulge herself now and then, Vera proudly poses with her new harvest orange kitchen and outfit to match. The electricity got cut off that month, but she swears now it was worth it.

Aunt Gloria , questioned as to whether adding cocks to the cupboards was going that one step too far in her otherwise tangerine dream .

Everyday Life in the Past     , 1960s

Everyday Life in the Past ,

Ladies in the sugar cane. Hawaii, 1960s  klstorey:sissydudeomen2:(via zenfancy)  ('more like Children of the Corn alums)

Checking out the sugar-cane, Hawaii,


If I could rent a time machine, I'd do three things. Solve the mystery of the Great Pyramids Find out who really killed JFK Go to this party and ask the redhead girl to slow dance.

"You gotta be sh*tting me." Second Cousin Bernice wasn't down with Inez & Minnie's suggestion to go streaking.

Loraine and Deidre were no longer shocked by the things Nadine said.

Early Days of TV Popularity  Vintage Snapshots of People with Their Televisions in the 1950s

Agnes wanted The price is Right, Edna wanted Wheel of Fortune. So Granny Finster unplugged the TV and cut the cord.

And here is Trudy, demonstrating once again her mastery of accent pillows. Unfortunately, this flair did not extend to her taste in fashion. What was she thinking when she chose those sandals?

Polyester bells and cheap veneer!

found photo woman in bedroom pink curtains bedspread leopard shirt top blouse white pencil pants hairstyle shoes early to late color vintage fashion style

When Eddy went, Johny came

Inez's prom photo was a tad disappointing. If only she'd straightened mom's photo and watered the other creeper.

Tiki party!

Tick Infested Undergrowth and Other Minor Thrills brought to you in Zestyvision.

historyhistrionic:  1960s

sleepy girl (Via)

The Messes of Men (Florida, 1960s)

The Messes of Men (Florida,


Everyday Life in the Past , 1961

‘The higher the hair, the closer to God’: Glorious BIG hair from the 1960s | Dangerous Minds

found hair gloriousness