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One of the things I miss most about our farm, baby goats! I always tell Clay I want another goat!

Newborn lamb.. #SuddenlySpring

ive always wanted a lamb.My great Grandma had a pet lamb.on the farm and there are many pictures of she and the lamb.


I love goats. Lol I want to be a goats goats are sweet they like ram into each other English Mann

Jersey Calves....such sweet faces-Lol

The face (needs horns with gold tips tho) reminds me of Buttermilk or Jersey cow.

I got to play with little baby goats on Sunday.  They are so cute!!!  Thanks Rachelle and fam!!!

Had many fond memories, of my pet goat, when I was a kid. I want to have a pet goat or two again some day.

Shanka's inspiration

baby cottontails--Daddy brought a shoe box home when I was small. It had baby cottontail rabbits in it and we baby bottle fed them until big enough to turn loose!

Goat tower, Wolf Creek State Park. this is pretty fun, would love to have one in my back yard, and the goats could take care of my grass

The Goat Tower, one of only a few in world, Located close to Wolf Creek State Park on Lake Shelbyville. A goat tower is a great present for goats because they love to climb!

spring | Spring

Spring lamb ~ Jesus left the 99 sheep to seek out the little lamb that was lost ~ he appeals to those who stray from the Truth, to return to the protection of God's organization ~