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My heart swells and my eyes light up. He is special to me and talking about him only makes me fall deeper

~the unintended muse~

"She's the pieces of quotes that are splattered in ink in her favorite books" -Alexa Evangelista Living in a dream

I hope by sharing my journey I've helped someone out there, pulled someone out of a hole, or touched someone's life❤️my journey has been far from perfect, and perfection is not what I strive for.. progress is..embrace your flaws, your imperfections, and every unique thing about youthat's when everything will fall right into place #qotd #quote #inspiration #fitnessmotivation #fitchicks #fitspo #instafemmefitness #instagramfitness #girlswithmuscles #bodesquad #Padgram

There's no need to be perfect to inspire others. Let others get inspired by how you deal with imperfections. Aug 13 Library visit thoughts and connections.

We are who we choose to be. Being an entrepreneur; Following your dreams.

Being an entrepreneur

I believe that we are who we choose to be. Nobody is going to come & save you. You've got to save yourself. Nobody is going to give you anything. You've got to go out & fight for it.

Exchange the drunken bellows to howling at the moon or listening to nature while looking at the stars

To me, a rich and satisfying life means one full of contrast. I am determined to embrace this extravagant life for all that is has to offer.


Whisper all of your uncertainties out to the universe. It's ok if you let the stars carry the weight of your worries for a while. I hope you feel a little lighter.

Nothing will ruin your 20's more than thinking you should have your life together already

Nothing will ruin your more than thinking you should have your life together already

take yourself out to eat. don't share your popcorn at the movies with anyone. stroll around an art museum alone. fall in love with canvases. fall in love with y

"Don't be afraid of losing someone who doesn't feel lucky to have you." Such wise words! We should all feel lucky to have one another.family or friend! I am the luckiest woman alive!

All the right types of feels!!

No matter where you are in life, celebrate it. It's either a product of your growth or a place that will help you grow. Every season serves a purpose; learn to appreciate wherever you are on your journey. - The truth is, we are all works in progress.