Since the people in the RV parks typically come from all over the place and from every social and economic background,.

ArtStation - Old Town, Suguru Kamiya

ArtStation - Old Town, Suguru Kamiya

Anime Scenery, Animation Background, Studio Ghibli, Anime Art, Perspective, Paisajes, Cologne, Street, Perspective Photography

scottwatanabe: “ Some concept art for Hiro’s Neighborhood. I was really inspired by the Haight Ashbury District and some older Showa period Neighborhoods. Shout out to Helen Chen for some of these.

我可以在陽光下與你相遇 也可以在下雨天為你撐傘 雨天濕潤了大地 小花依存著黃土 請時光變得慢些 再慢些 直到雨滴滲透我的裙 請時光變得慢些 更慢些 直到你來到我等你的路口 插圖: FeiGiap 文字: Yuna

Discover the colorful art of Chong FeiGiap, a Malaysian artist, co-founder of Running Snail Studio.