<3 que lindo corteeeee

I want to get better and ik it's not just a snap thing that will just go away bUt it's sO CONFUSING like I'll so something helpful and be like yes good this is good and then I'll be like wTF did I just do I'm a f-cking idiot oh dear this is a process

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hazel is the foreign 'black sheep' in her institute. born and raised in the institutes in south korea, she was moved to the canadian institute when her parents passed away on a mission. she is 16 and her parents died when she was

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Asian women generally have thick and straight hair so if you are not Asian but like bob hairstyles, these pics would be a real inspiration for you especially.


Dù khuôn mặt na ná nhau, ulzzang xứ Hàn vẫn hot xình xịch vì quá xinh