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Snowy Owl...how beautiful is this?!

Goodness, the amazing butterfly owl.or should I say moth owl. Snowy Owl (Sneeuwuil) by Hermen van Laar

Beautiful. Eastern Screech-Owl

Wow an Albino screech owl, photo by Bob Gress I love white animals and screech owls;

Eule unterm Vollmond, bringt das Glück oder Pech?

Eule unterm Vollmond, bringt das Glück oder Pech?

So beautiful

Beautiful, but will attack people and dogs. We have first hand experience. Fortunately he went after my husband & son before he tried to carry the chihuahua away.

How Beautiful!!!

I love this picture, he is so cute. Will be having one mounted that flew into my car last night.

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The Cult Cat on

Snowy Owl Launch * * Truth is the only safe ground to stand upon. If you're not sure, take flight. Stanton so pretty