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Amazing instalation

This tape web was on display in June 2010 at the Odeon, an old stock exchange building in Vienna, and used feet of shipping tape! The tape web art is intended to represent the choreography of dance, and how a dancer morphs her body into exquisite beauty.

Rolf Sachs - Ewiger Lauf, 2012. Courtesy of the artist and ammann//gallery

‘Ewiger Lauf’ by Rolf Sachs. Courtesy of Rolf Sachs / Daniel Martinek Ammann gallery.

Brazilian artist Ernesto Neto creates massive crochet installations reminiscent of the playgrounds by Horiuchi MacAdam, but in more muted tones. Strung from gallery ceilings, these strange little ‘nests’ offer an inhabitable space that can be either playful or quiet and comforting. Larger pieces encourage running and jumping, while the smaller ones are cocoon-like relaxation spaces.

Miles of yarn and string stretch across inflatable structures, galleries and outdoor environments in these crocheted and knotted art installations, offering massive interactive playgrounds that inv…

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Cao Hui Gutsy sculpture, Resin sculpture with human/animal innards oozing out at seams- probably a for shock commentary to animal rights but still interesting if not a little cliche

Daniele Buetti

Light installation by artist Daniele Buetti. Would be a great alternative to a corner lamp or even a chandelier.

Tara Donovan | Inspiration Cloud | Yellowtrace — Interior Design, Architecture, Art, Photography, Lifestyle Design Culture Blog.

Inspiration Cloud

Tara Donovan | Inspiration Cloud | Yellowtrace — Interior Design, Architecture, Art, Photography, Lifestyle Design Culture Blog.

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Stairway by Chiharu Shiota is a seemingly chaotic web of yarn that from a distance looks like a large scale drawing in space.

Typewriter stools

These giant black and white keys made to resemble a typewriter is a work of art! It's practical uses could be for seating and would look great either in a public space or in a private garden setting.

Galería de Paisaje Vertical / Ryo Yamada - 4

Galería de Paisaje Vertical / Ryo Yamada - 4

Anila Agha

Laser-cut wood cube projects beautiful shadow patterns onto gallery walls / Anila Quayyum Agha 'Intersections'

bright idea All they need is little fish sun glasses

Do you have old light bulbs that are not broken? Instead of just throwing them away, you can repurpose them as some creative things. Check out this list of Creative Light Bulb DIY Ideas and try one of them.

Japanese artist Shinji Turner-Yamamoto elevates the way we look at trees. This one was positioned in an abandoned, 19th century church in Ohio.  No trees were harmed/killed in the installation of this work. After the installation the live tree was replanted beside the church.

Global Tree Project: Hanging Garden by Shinji Turner-Yamamoto at Mount Adams’ o Holy Cross Church, Cincinnati. (The top tree is alive!) by gwendolyn

Image 3 of 12 from gallery of 'Building: Inside Studio Gang Architects' Exhibition. Photo by Steve Hall © Hedrich Blessing, courtesy of Studio Gang Architects