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美の宝庫!フィレンツェ サンタ・マリア・ノヴェッラ教会

美の宝庫!フィレンツェ サンタ・マリア・ノヴェッラ教会 パート1|ディスプレイデザイナーのアートな日々。

The facade of Santa Maria Novella in Florence, by Alberti. Though it's not rain screen by definition, but convey the similar idea of departing the external facade away from the internal structure.

フィレンツェ (フローレンス) Firenze (Florence) (フィレンツェ)                                                                                                                                                      もっと見る

フィレンツェ (フローレンス) Firenze (Florence) (フィレンツェ

Piazza del Duomo, #Florencia http://www.florencia.travel/lugares-para-visitar/la-catedral-de-florencia/ #viajar #Italia

Il Duomo ~ Florence city centre and in the distance Tuscany landscape, Italy. ~~One of the most beautiful sites on our trip to Italy~~

Cité Antique. Rome

What a beautiful picture from Italy is a place I've always wanted to visit! The Forum, Rome - Province of Rome Lazio. I first saw it around this time. It was closed so we walked up Palatine Hill which gives great views and the Forum cats start coming out.

View from Palatine Hill. Rome, Italy   ➡500px.com/v_art  ➡v--art.tumblr.com #Padgram

This is a picture of Palatine Hill. This relates to the Roman foundation story because Romulus supposedly lived at the bottom of Palatine Hill. This location is where Rome began, and where it's first ruler lived.

Trevi fountain, Rome, Italy.

Trevi Fountain, Rome, Italy - My all time special favorite place in the world. Watching this fountain