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Malapert (adjective): Boldly disrespectful; impudent. Word of the Day for 21 October 2015.

police rime resign just rime Malapert (adjective): Boldly disrespectful; Word of the Day for 21 October


Integrity and honesty essays Integrity can be defined as "an uncompromising adherence to a code of moral, artistic or other values, utter sincerity, honesty and candor, avoidance of de

Do I indwell to you?

indwell (verb): Be permanently present in (someone’s soul or mind). Dedicated to my indwellers.


Venial - able to be forgiven or pardoned; not seriously wrong, as a sin (opposed to mortal). Origin: Venial can be traced to the Latin term venia meaning "grace, favor, indulgence." It entered English in the

What task can you perform with great celerity? CELERITY- swiftness of movement Synonyms: briskness, hurry, hustle, speed, swiftness


Gainsay (verb): Deny or contradict (a fact or statement). Word of the Day for 5 August

Eonomel #strength #sweetness

Word of the Day - Oenomel - something combining strength with sweetness. Origin: Oenomel can be traced to the Greek terms oînos meaning "wine" and méli meaning "honey." The potent, sweet drink dates back to Ancient Greece. The term entered English in the


Puckish comes from the name Puck, a sprite in English folklore, and also the mischievous narrator in William Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream.