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This tunnel was made out of paper or card stock . It's something that looks. Very dramatic and wecould do

Old Vic Tunnels

'Tunnel is the very first exhibition at the Old Vic Tunnels, Waterloo London, by Punchdrunk. This is a walk through forest made of paper, It was made to create a momentary experiences for the audience. - Inspiration for 2015 HALLOWEEN party

Well, hello there, you fabulous spooky trees, you.  Tunnel 228 - by amazing lightning and kinglyface

₪ Paper Art Potpourri ₪ Life-size Paper Forest by Lightning + Kinglyface I like the layered cut-out illusion of depth, and the potential for pretty lighting. Snow Queen did lovely things with false perspective in the Achoo set.

Punchdrunk: plunge into a world of extraordinary theatre - Telegraph

Punchdrunk: plunge into a world of extraordinary theatre

Tunnel 228 - Theatre company Punchdrunk collaborated with the Old Vic to create a site-specific performance piece underneath the derelict railway tunnels of Waterloo station.

Today i have come across the work by an amazing artist Andrea Dezso. She describes her tunnel books as ‘drawings in space’, and creates amongst other things, contemporary styled tunnel …

Andrea Dezso – ‘Paper under the knife artist’

Finally found out these are called Tunnel Books. Really need to explore making my own.

walkthrough of paper cut outs

Jeebus H. Swoon, Alison Corrie and Solovei created this massive paper installation in collaboration at Black Floor Gallery, Philadelphia.


Le coupeur de papier

"Into the Woods" at The Grand Theatre  Set Designer, Scenic

"Into the Woods" at The Grand Theatre Set Designer, Scenic. This wood be a nice backdrop.

Suspended Paper Tunnel Sculptures

Suspended Paper Tunnel Sculptures

Gorgeous work by German sculptor, Angela Glajcar. Her latest features reams of layered and torn white paper, which create a captivating

Rogan Brown Creates Beautifully Intricate Cut Paper Sculptures Of Microbes

The paper art creations of the American artist Rogan Brown who designs then cuts by hand or laser thousands of paper microorganisms, including tree moss, cell