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I think he has created a  paradox.  The greatest paradox ever!

The Beatles: Abbey Road Album Cover Parodies. A list of all the groups that have released album covers that look like the The Beatles Abbey Road album.


History In Pictures · Ringo, John, George Paul. Photograph by Robert Whitaker.

Natural BW - running towards camera

the beatles running away from fans and/or late for a performance in a hard day's night, July 1964

Richard Starkey, Paul McCartney, George  Harrison, and John Lennon

The Beatles stand on the balcony of the St George Hotel, Wellington, shortly after their arrival in New Zealand on 21 June 1964 // from Alexander Turnbull Library

Paul McCartney and David Gilmour (Pink Floyd) watching Led Zepellin together. 1975

Paul McCartney & David Gilmour at a Led Zeppelin Concert.another reason Paul is my favorite Beatle.Love him so

The Beatles were HILARIOUS. Fact.

It turns out The Beatles had hilariously sarcastic senses of humor [20 pictures]

Interviewing The Beatles. I'm dying xD "do you think ringo is the best drummer in the world?" " he's not even the best drummer in the beatles"

Oh my, how I loved The Beatles! Seeing them on The Ed Sullivan Show in their American debut was just like heaven for me. I was 12!

The Beatles are my all time favorite band. -Always have, always will- I'm a huge fan of the oldies. I wish I could post all of the Beatles songs, but it's so.

The Beatles kick drum!

The Beatles looks like original drum set of ringos. Excuse me while i die. Why couldn't i be this drum? John Lennon's ass woulda been all up in my face. If only.

1964 - The Beatles.

John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Richard Starkey, and George Harrison. Rad picture of my first favorite band!