Anime picture with original gemi single short hair tall image black hair sitting sky girl tree (trees) animal lantern elephant

i want this. by minh dam. #art #watercolor

Watercolour artist Minh Dam - More of the artist's work displayed through the link, though some of the unrelated ads on that page may be deemed inappropriate

The Wish by TeaKitsune on DeviantArt. With a purse of stolen money, she tries to bribe the spirit to release her from the realm of hungry ghosts.

A young kitsune girl seeks the help of a wish granting spirit, hoping to gain exit from the realm of hungry ghosts. - by Sarah Graybill

Oliver Jeffers - This Moose Belongs to Me

Children's Picture Books: This Moose Belongs to Me by Oliver Jeffers; There's so much that has been lost in electronic translation; we need to relearn listening, observing and working together.