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Jiff the dog, biggest afro: See the best from Guinness World Records 2015

Jiff the dog, longest tongue: The best from Guinness World Records '15

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Boo and Buddy are both Pomeranian dogs, but Boo is known as “the world’s most famous dog” – “the world’s cutest dog” – and “Boo the teddy bear dog

boo et buddy deux chiens mignons peluches vivantes 15 Boo et Buddy web star spitz pomeranien photo peluche nain loulou de Pomeranie imag...

Unless you've been living under a rock, you already know about Boo and his big bro Buddy. Here's a sampling of some of their cutest moments.

awwwww I love boo

Boo, 'World's Cutest Dog,' goes on a Christmas Adventure