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I have depression, anorexia nervosa and anxiety. I do not condone glorifying eating disorders, this is my way of documenting my slow, but sure, decline of sound mental state.

Thats me :/

Everything I say comes out all wrong and I'm not trying to sound like this, I just don't know how I'm supposed to communicate and I'm sorry and I hate myself and I try to change, I really do, but I just keep messing up. This is me


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The thing about relationships, romantic or otherwise, is that you give them this ridiculous amount of power over you. Most often, that power is misused.

Even if you say you love me now, there's going to be a day when you get tired of trying to convince yourself.

Pain/ Hurt ~ Depression~ Low Self Esteem ~ Feelings Of Being So Lonely ~ Feeling Lost ~ Doubting Everything You Ever Thought About Yourself ~ No Hope ~ Broken ~ Self Harm ~ Feeling No Self Worth ~ No Since Of Direction ~ Now You Hate Yourself ~ Suicide ~